Hope this user guide will help you learn how to fix touchpad on Lenovo Thinkpad.

Select the Windows logo key type + I (capital i). Another option is to use the Windows key + S.Log in to the touch panel.Select the “Enable or disable the touchpad” option (use the top secret arrow to navigate down the list and also the “Enter” key to select).Make sure the touchpad is enabled.

how to fix touchpad on lenovo thinkpad

Turn On The Touchpad

There is always a chance that you or someone else has accidentally disabled the touchpad on your Lenovo computer, causing the Lenovo touchpad to stop working. You can solve this problem by enabling the touchpad again.


The touchpad is a built-in mouse. If there is dirt or debris, gaps. The touchpad may not respond. The touchpad may have been accidentally blocked. Try a detox and check your settings before pulling out the touchpad. If the touchpad is still not responding, this guide can help you replace the touchpad in your current Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15IAP.

Why Is The Lenovo IdeaPad Touchpad Not Working?

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 because Lenovo IdeaPad 5 also has problems with the touchpad, When certain drivers are not installed, outdated, or even corrupted. Driver bugs can cause the following issues that are well reported by our users:

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how to fix touchpad on lenovo thinkpad

Lenovo Laptop Touchpad Buttons Not Working

Touchpads are definitely good for people who love people – that’s them as long as they are not working correctly. If the Lenovo touchpad buttons are not working, the touchpad driver is indeed out of date. Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

How Do I Restart My Ubuntu Touchpad?

Your touchpad may have stopped working after being idle for a while because sensors have been metabolized. on energy management. Check if the condition persists if you disable touchpad trust management at run time. Directs /proc/bus/input/devices to your touchpad device.

How Do I Enable The Touchpad On My Lenovo Laptop?

You can make the touchpad settings write even more responsive by moving the adjustment buttons. Accessing touchpad settings in Windows 10 can be accessed by typing touchpad after the search box and then touchpad. The sensitivity of the touchpad can also be adjusted from the drop-down list.

Replacing The Laptop

The touchpad is located under the keyboard. It is used to point to a suspended computer screen as an alternative to a computer. It works by detecting small downward movements and pressure. The function space is then translated into a relative cursor role. When the system crashes, your laptop is the last thing to worry about.

Check If The Touchpad Is Indeed Disabled. The Keyboard Is Indeed Disabled

Many Lenovo solutions include an on/off touchpad. keyboard key. Of course, this is easily determined by the state of the pointing device. Press only the most important key, or worse, the Fn key. You can also restart your computer. If you don’t receive a response, please continue to the next step.

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