If you have seen how to share a hard drive over a network, this user guide can help you. rightClick on the DR you want to share and select “Share with” > “Advanced Sharing…”. Enter the name of one to find the network drive. If you want others to be able to read write to and write to their computers on specific drives, click Permissions and check the Allow box under Full Control.

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I won’t blame anyone for a know-how question that seems “basic” because my family and I all had to start our process somewhere. Few of us came out of the womb knowing how to access a network share through Windows, what a workgroup is, or how to map a network drive.

In this week’s Lifehacker’s invaluable Tech 911 Q&A section, columnist Matthew asks a simple but relatively important question about home networking. Let’s get into the details:

“I want to provide you with a simple, very homely infrastructure – basically just a shared hard drive that I have access to from all the computers in my apartment – but I’m not going to guarantee that you’ll get started.”

Is it really that easy to connect an external hard drive to the USB port on the back of the router? Looks too. Or do I need a special hard drive connected via an ethernet port? How can I set it up so that it “appears” on user devices like me? I wouldn’t expect it to start automatically, but I don’t know the configuration options needed to make it work. Do you need a dedicated PC, or are all the tools you need right now built into Windows?

how to share hard drive on network

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How To Share A Drive And/or Folder For Windows

Can I share an external hard drive on a network?

External hard drives can be connected directly to a computer and then moved to be shared on a network.Contenteditable=”false”>

Matthew, I’m so glad that you, like Ravi, are learning more about the vast modern world of networking. I’m proficient in journalism tech with complex and readers, I hit hard with my router guides in Wirecutter. Challenge your sensitive thoughts about my husband and my big geek interests and I’ll be happy to help.

You have a few basic options for sharing a persistent drive with other computers in your home. You can connect this hard Drive to your desktop or (internal external) or to your laptop (perhaps external), and then this hard drive will help you manage the connection through Windows. Everything you need to do this is built into Upright on Windows, and I’ll be happy to walk your site through the process now.

For the sake of argument, and since I don’t have a spare outer case, I hope you’ve already connected this drive for your system support. You will get the best performance if you measure using one of the unconnected ports on your system’s sata ports; An external case works best when connected via 3 usb.0 or USB-C, but not good either.

Now that you’ve done so much, you’ll probably need to open the Windows Computer Control windshield to give your hard drive a solid drive letter. (If you purchased an external drive that came in its own case, it’s probably already initialized for you and you can find it directly in File Explorer. Otherwise, continue with these steps.) You

Type “Computer Management” in the menu behind “Start”,Then click “Disk Management” under “Storage” in the window that appears:

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Find your drive here at the bottom of this panel, which should be labeled “unallocated” space if it’s a brand new hard drive. Right-click, select “New Simple Volume” and click on additional screens until you get the opportunity for the application to specify the drive letter (any) and the system file (for now, use “NTFS” – œ).

Now when you launch File Explorer, your new hard drive is ready for all the files you want to match against each other. But you really want to publish them on your network, which removes a few extra hurdles.< /p>

You should now be able to right-click any folder or drive in File Explorer, select “Specify” and access “Advanced”

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On the screen, with one click, check the box “Share this folder” in the “Advanced sharing” section and learn how to give the created folder or folder an interesting name.


After completing these steps, I opened File Explorer on another Windows system that was connected to my network. Even though I was signed in with the same Microsoft ID on both – an important fact for such a scenario – I couldn’t see the connection between this network at first. I only had to click on the address bar and the category in “” and then the name of my very first system (“Paladin”) to extract the shares. From there, it was pretty easy to right-click, whoever it was, and “select network drive, connect,” which usually always shows it in my husband’s and my second’s list of system drives in Explorer. You

(If you forget the original system name, just go to the system control panel and search for “device name”.)

Understood? Okay. Please note that this method requires users to view the original system web page to access the desired drive/folder. If not, you need to go to “Control Panel” > “Network and Sharing Center” > “Advanced Switch Sharing Settings” and switch to “Password Protected Sharing” under “All Networks”. This should then allow each, every network access to point to the folder you’d probably want to start with in most cases at home.

Option 2: Dedicated Network Storage

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how to share hard drive on network

I saw an article the other day where someone didn’t give a damn about NAS, I couldn’t even find it because their sheer number of bugs started creeping into my desktop and scaring memy family. Just kidding, but of course they were all pretty wrong. They argued that NAS is stupid and that it’s better to use USB storage and set up software RAID for just about everything in Windows.

How do I access a hard drive on another computer on my network?

Under “My Computer” or “Computer”, double-click the computer under the “Shared USB Key” section. Right-click the user’s drive letter (usually “C”), select Share, then select Share an entire drive on the network.

How do I share my hard drive on a network Windows 10?

right-click or tap on the file, select Share > To specific people.Select the file, select “Deny Sharing” at the top of File Explorer, then select “Specific People” under the section containing the share.

How do I share an external hard drive with my router?

Format it to give it a modern name before you start using anything.The disk is connected specified in the router.When flashing, it indicates that the router is displaying a shared folder.Use the drive connected to the router as you would any drive connected to your computer for your business.

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