If you’re getting an error about enabling reagent, unable to update boot configuration data, today’s guide is here to help.

To actually do this now, you need to restart WinRE and disable and enable all websites. If the error “REAGENTC.EXE: Unable to verify that you are updating the boot data configuration” occurs, first troubleshoot one of our Windows boot loaders (instructions for UEFI as well as BIOS calculator). If you encounter certain REAGENT.

  •  10:37:08, Info [ReAgentc] ----------------------------------------- ------------------------------ 10:37:08, Info [ReAgentc] ----- Command area works: Reagentc /?----- 10:37:08, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- ----- -------- ----- --------- 10:37:08, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- ----- -------- ----- --------- 10:37:08, Info [ReAgentc] -----Command line exit: Reagentc /?, Error: 0----- 10:37:08, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- ----- -------- ----- --------- News 10:37:26, [ReAgentc] -------------------------- ----- -------- - ---- --------- 10:37:26, Info [ReAgentc] ----- Command line running: Reagentc /v----- News 10:37:26, [ReAgentc] -------------------------- ----- -------- - ---- --------- News 10:37:26, [ReAgentc] -------------------------- ----- -------- - ---- --------- 10:37:26, Info [ReAgentc] ----- Exit command line: Reagentc /v, 87----- error: 10:37:26, Info [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- ---------- --- ------------ 10:40:00, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- ------------- Info 10:40:00, [ReAgentc] ----- Insert command in progress: reagenc /info----- 10:40:00, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- ------------- Info 10:40:00, [ReAgentc] Enter WinReGetConfig 10:40:00, [ReAgentc] info parameters: configWinDir: NULL Info 10:40:00, [ReAgentc] WinRE configuration file path: C:Windowssystem32RecoveryReAgent.10:40:00, xml [ReAgentc] Information Update of best configuration information is enabled. 10:40:00, error [ReAgentc] BcdOpenObject(WinRE) failedlas: 0xc0000034 10:40:00, Info [ReAgentc] winreGetWinReGuid returns 0X2 10:40:00, Info [ReAgentc] ReAgentConfig::ReadBcdAndUpdateEnhancedConfigInfo WinRE Device, Failed to get WinRE Guid (0x2) 10:40:00, [ReAgentc] WinRE info delivered 10:40:00, system information [ReAgentc] - WimBoot: FALSE 10:40:00, Info [ReAgentc] Exit WinReGetConfig Return value: 1, Last error: 0x0 10:40:00, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- 10:40:00, -------------- Info [ReAgentc] ----- Command label output: Reagentc /info, Error: 0----- 10:40:00, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- -------------- 10:40:05, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- -------------- 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] ----- Run command line: Reagenc /enable----- 10:40:05, About [ReAgentc] -------------------------------------- -- -------------- 10:40:05, Enter information [ReAgentc] WinRECheckGuid 10:40:05, Informational parameters: [reagentc] TargetOsGuid::NULL 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] Exit WinRECheckGuid Return error HTML code: 0x0 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] Enter WinReInstall 10:40:05, Info parameters: [reagentc] ReInstallBecauseOfBitlocker: 0 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] --Install on target OS Step 1: you collect information such as list of sections, start react.xml, winre.wim source file and section 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] List and register all hard 10:40:05, sections: Info [ReAgentc] 10:40:05, --partitioninfo-- InfoMation [ReAgentc] VolumeName: ?Volume55abc128-0000-0000-0000-602200000000, PartitionName: ?GLOBALROOTdeviceharddisk0partition2 10:40:05, info [ReAgentc] partition number: even, offset: 576716800, free space: 299773304832, total space: 511531372544 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] DiskNumber: DiskSignature: 0, 1437319464, NTFS: 1, Mbr: 1, Active: 0, Boot: 1, BitlockerEnabled: 0 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] MBR Partition ID: 0x7 10:40:05, Information [ReAgentc] Volume ID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] 10:40:05, --partitioninfo-- Information [ReAgentc] VolumeName: ?Volume55abc128-0000-0000-0000-100000000000, PartitionName: ?GLOBALROOTdeviceharddisk0partition1 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] Partition Large: 1, Offset: 1048576, Free Space: Total 541589504, Space 575664128 : 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] DiskNumber: DiskSignature: 0, 1437319464, NTFS: 1, Mbr: 1, Active: 1, Boot: 0, BitlockerEnabled: 0 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] MBR Partition ID: 0x7 10:40:05, Information [ReAgentc] Volume ID: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] Get ReAgent low-level configuration 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] Low-level configuration file path: RecoveryReAgentOld.xml 10:40:05, info [ReAgentc] Checking for installation of low-level WinRE.10:40:05, Information [ReAgentc] Search first 10:40:05, Info Get [reagentc] ReAgent config 10:40:05, Information [ReAgentc] Putb to GetReAgentConfig report: config C:Windowssystem32RecoveryReAgent.xml 10:40:05, Information hook [ReAgentc] CheckRegKey Test (SystemSetupInProgress) present and also disabled 10:40:05 AM, Info [ReAgentc] Update extended configuration info enabled. 10:40:05, Error [ReAgentc] Error: bcdopenobject(winre) 0xc0000034 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] winreGetWinReGuid returns home 0X2 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] ReAgentConfig::ReadBcdAndUpdateEnhancedConfigInfo WinRE disabled, WinRE Guid still cannot be determined (0x2) 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] -- Install on target OS, step 2: Detect and fix issues with support for winre options 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] (WinRE) detect and fix winreissues WinRE already installed, set BCD entry (WinRE location 10:40:05, ?globalrootdeviceharddisk0partition2recoverywindowsre) Error [ReAgentc] Error: bcdopenobject(winre) 0xc0000034 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] winreGetWinReGuid returns 0X2 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] DetectAndFixWinReIssues Too bad to get WinRE GUID. Info 10:40:05, [reagentc] detects and reissue fixes, win fix BCD entry. 10:40:05, Error [ReAgentc] bcdopenobject(winre) failed: 0xc0000034 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] winreGetWinReGuid returns 0X2 10:40:05, Info [ReAgentc] NOTE: There will be another TRY. We have, eswhether you want to uninstall WinRE and try WinRE again, mostly because it is installed but its BCD is not in front. 10:40:05, Suggestions [ReAgentc] Copy Winre winreissues detection and fix files from .From wim to ?globalrootdeviceharddisk0partition2recoverywindowsre folder

    How do I fix Reagentc error?

    Method 1: Enable the recovery environment Run in cmd as administrator. Sort the following reagents/information to get a good Windows RE reputation. Step 2: If it is disabled, enter the special type "reagentc /enable" to enable the recovery dependency environment.

    How do I fix Windows could not update the boot configuration?

    Enter configuration settings (CMOS) bios.Activate legacy support.Change the generated boot mode to En uefi (CSM) legacy.Then turn off the basic security options Secure In boot.Deprecatedset the Windows USB stick as the first boot device.andSave exit BIOS setup.

    How do I enable Reagentc?

    Press Windows Mystery + r to open a specific Run dialog box.At an elevated command prompt, type the following command and press Enter to enable the recovery environment: Reagentc.exe /enable.You will probably be prompted to confirm the change.

    How do I fix WinRE?

    On Windows, press 10, Start.Type and cmd run it, p I think about this administrator. Checkfor the state of this WinRE, type react /info and press Enter. If the Windows status of the RE shows Disabled, enter the "reagentc /enable" command to enable WinRE.

    How to fix “unable to update boot configuration data” error?

    If you receive the error "REAGENTC.EXE: Failed to modify boot configuration data", first use this procedure to resolve the issue with Du (Windows Bootloader Guide for UEFI and BIOS Calculators). If you get the error message "REAGENT.EXE: Windows RE was not found after this", the winre.wim partition or system restore file has no doubt been deleted.

    Does having reagentc disabled prevent the system from booting?

    The inability to respond does not prevent the system from booting, making it impossible or impossible to restore it. There are probably hundreds of thousands of computers with reagents disabled, and users are more or less unaware of this at all.

    Solução De Problemas De Ativação De Reagente Não Pode Atualizar Dados De Configuração De Inicialização
    Dépannage De L'activation Du Réactif Impossible De Mettre à Jour Les Données De Configuration De Démarrage
    Risoluzione Dei Problemi L'attivazione Del Reagente Non Può Aggiornare I Dati Di Configurazione Di Avvio
    Felsökning Av Reagensaktivering Kan Inte Uppdatera Startkonfigurationsdata
    Problemen Oplossen Met Reagensactivering Kan Opstartconfiguratiegegevens Niet Bijwerken
    Fehlerbehebung Reagenzaktivierung Kann Startkonfigurationsdaten Nicht Aktualisieren
    La Activación Del Reactivo De Solución De Problemas No Puede Actualizar Los Datos De Configuración De Arranque
    Rozwiązywanie Problemów Z Aktywacją Odczynnika Nie Może Zaktualizować Danych Konfiguracji Rozruchu

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